Micro Grant Recipient Shows Families She Cares…One Box at a Time

Diana Knott, who’s youngest son has hearing loss, started the non-profit Asher’s Gift Box just over a year ago. The mission of Asher’s Gift Box is to support and empower newly diagnosed Deaf and Hard of Hearing children under 3 years old and their families. With support from donors, including the September 2021 Family Empowerment Micro Grant from Wisconsin Families for Hands and Voices, Diana has been able to send a gift box at no cost to families who reside in the US and internationally. Some items included in the gift box are a stuffed toy wearing homemade hearing aides or cochlear implants, a book, a 3D hand signing “I Love You,” and a t-shirt. We congratulate Diana on bringing her passion to life and sharing the joy that is raising a Deaf and Hard of Hearing child!

“Grateful and understood. Your story made me cry because I can relate so much. I don’t know anybody with a child with hearing loss locally. I’ve met some amazing people online, including yourself and your package made me feel hopeful and not so alone. I think what you’re doing is a beautiful thing and you’re an amazing human for it. I wish I didn’t have animals because I would love to help you.💗


“I’d just like to say thank you SO much. You have made our month! He was a little scared of Teddy at first, but now they’re buddies. Thanks again, as I said before, this will be a memorable moment to look back on. Thanks for caring like you do 🧡


Asher helping his Mom, Diana Knott, pack up Gift Boxes to mail to other newly diagnosed DHH children.

“Now she won’t even let me look at the unicorn and hold it because she won’t let it go! She keeps touching at the hearing aids too 😭 and running around with the books!!!!

Thank you so so much for what you do!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜